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At Accompanied Transformations, we want to provide the same cost-effective surgeries, at centres of excellence, but with enhanced personal care packages, making it stress-free and without last-minute inconveniences.

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We established Accompanied Transformations because of our own experiences travelling with a large overseas healthcare provider that left us badly let down.  We also realised that travelling alone for surgery was not only daunting but for some of us, impossible.

We provide a bespoke, discrete service to provide personal support when you decide to have cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dentistry.  We do not have ‘1000’s of surgeons or clinics’ on our books as we have selected only the best ones that we have personally used for our own transformations.

We understand the life pressures that can stop you from making the changes you want because of your concerns about the high costs of surgery, finding a safe and accredited surgeon or clinic, in addition to your personal circumstances that can affect your recovery.  We have been in your situation and that’s why we are here.

What we don’t do

  • We don’t harass you into making a decision and paying a deposit and then stop contacting you.
  • We won’t leave you to ‘go it alone’ in a foreign country.
  • We don’t have an exhaustive list of surgeons that are unknown to us, except in name.
  • We won’t leave you to organise all of the complex documentation.

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Call us today and speak with our team to gain knowledge of personal experiences of the procedures, surgeons or clinic in which you might be interested in.

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